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Welcome to the Mithril Council webpage!

Greetings to old members, new and returning members, absent friends and visitors alike!  - Alladania

Welcome to the guild site.  Please take a few moments to update your character information while you are here.  Also, please read through the recent posts in the forums and post anything you feel you desire to contribute.  I would like to make an invitation to all to assist in some of the various building projects throughout the guild areas.  If you are a new guild member, or are visiting us for the first time, please feel free to read the welcome note and the guild charter in the About Mithril Council section on the left.  - Grantherum

Go guild!


Unity Merge and Plot Auctions

Klaus Wulfenbach, Feb 18, 08 7:58 AM.
Obviously a great deal has happened since the last news update.  Virtrium is bringing new life to Horizons and many veteran players are returning to play again.  New players are joining as well, and it seems that every day Bristugo becomes more and more crowded. 

Returning players are very important right now because players from Unity will soon be able to transfer their character to either Chaos or Order.  Soon after that, there will be a reclaimation of plots and lairs from inactive accounts followed by a plot auction.  Several important properties owned by Mithril Council members are going to be reclaimed and auctioned unless their owners return to the game. 

Seeing our old friends return would be best, of course, but failing that, please consider working out an arrangement for your property, especially if you are one of those with a plot that has had a great deal of time & work put into it.

Please pass this message along to any other former players and Mithril Council members you might be in contact with.  Best wishes to all, and I hope to see many old friends again very soon.


Primal Resurrection Cast on Horizons!

Klaus Wulfenbach, Aug 16, 07 9:50 AM.
Although a formal announcement has not been made yet, it appears that Horizons has been transferred to new ownership.  All indications are that Rick Simmons, Tulga's technical lead, and Tango, the primary client programmer, are now the owners of the game.

Since July 20th, tickets are being answered, the community site has had some much-needed maintenance, a new loading screen has been patched into the game, all the EI logos have been removed or replaced, and Blight has been restored to operation. 

It's too early to look for new content, of course; no doubt a massive clean-up job and several important bug fixes will have to come first.  However, after a year of darkness and doubt, Istaria lives again.

I'll be sending an email out asking everyone to check in using the forums and indicate whether or not they will be returning.  Right now, the billing system is not functioning and it's possible to log in and play without an active subscription.  Anyone who owns a plot or a lair and knows that they are not ever returning is especially urged to check in so disposition of the property can be worked out.  If nothing else, personal items can be removed, stored resources relocated, and the property deconstructed by a novian mule before being returned to the community.

Of course, a live player, even part time, is still worth far more than a vault full of novians.  :-)

No matter what each of you decides, please post an update and let us know how you are doing.

Lastly, the subscription fee from Guildportal is $45.00 for six months.  Anyone wanting to chip in is more than welcome to email me (bryanATbeastholdDOTorg); unfortunatly, PayPal only lets one person pay for a subscription, so direct contributions to cover the fee are impossible.

The road ahead isn't going to be an easy one for Horizons, but at least the game has a future again.  I hope each of you will consider taking part in that future.  No matter what your decision is, may you find fun, excitement, good friends, and good gaming. 

A New World Awaits

Klaus Wulfenbach, Jan 24, 07 10:38 AM.
On January 30, 2007, a new world opens up with the launch of Vanguard.  Mithril Council will be there, ready to continue the tradition of mutual support and camaraderie that made us so successful in Horizons.  We will be playing on the Hilsbury server and will post contact information as soon as possible.

The forum section has been seperated by game, and sections for Vanguard & WoW have been added.  Although the guild does not have a presence in WoW, several members also play there and it seemed fitting to recognize them as well.

A thread will be started in the Vanguard forum for members to post their character names & locations; please add your information as soon as possible. 

We have a new world to explore; let's go see what's out there!

All members, please register!

Klaus Wulfenbach, Jul 19, 06 10:29 PM.
We'd like all current members of MC to register with Guildportal and request membership access to our page here.  PLEASE include your email address!  Although we aren't at liberty to explain right now, this is VERY important!  Please spread the word & let other members know.

Mithril Council Merges with Paradox Reborn

537039274_Inactive, Jun 12, 06 12:35 PM.
Let's give a warm welcome to the folks joining us from Paradox Reborn.  They too have been playing Horizons for quite some time.  I look forward to seeing our guilds working together.  :-)

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